• Brixton Blog

    In the very early days of the Brixton Blog, founding editors Tim and Zoe put out a tweet asking for creative help in building a brand for their community-focussed hyper-local newspaper. We tweeted back and that's how the project began. It was a perfect fit for us because we really believe in what they set out to do and also because they are such lovely people.

    Together we created a logo for the Blog, featuring the Brixton Windmill, and a masthead for their printed newspaper, The Brixton Bugle. It was very important for Tim and Zoe that they could do as much design in-house, so we gave them a half-day crash-course in inDesign and that's how they got the Bugle out onto the streets of Brixton.

    They also asked us to brand their monthly "tweet-up-meet-ups", so we were able to build on our work in growing the brand to create a logo for Meet Brixton too.

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